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web access issue and WIFI texting and calling

i have recently had issues getting to certain web sites; nefleaglecam.org and wikipedia are examples. i also received a message on my phone the WIFI calling and texting are being blocked. I did reset the core to factory settings and things worked for a couple days but now doing the same thing. I also had to reinstall the app on my phone. The core is now disconnected. does anyone have a solution please.



Re: web access issue and WIFI texting and calling

Hello Mark P

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You can try changing the DNS servers to the ones for your ISP instead of the Norton Core ones.

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Re: web access issue and WIFI texting and calling

I have had to pull my network off of the Norton Core router, as it dropped internet connection after at most 24 hours. 

I was wondering if anyone has tried taking the Norton Core router input from another router wired connection, such as the ASUS RT-N66U?  It seems to me we are actually working in a Beta environment (based on huge number of outage issues), so why not set up like that until Norton actually gets their environment to where they are stable for at least a month at a time?  Production environments should be stable for at least 6 months, but lets give them the benefit of assuming only a month as proof of being production level stable.

It really would have been nice if Norton had given end users tools that work on a Windows or MAC PC or laptop to pull and review their own logs, as many of us have been or are in the IT field based on what I see in this forum.  I guess I am spoiled by ASUS, as I have PC, Android, and IOS tools available!


Re: web access issue and WIFI texting and calling

Retired Just Bob You can connect Core to a ASUS RT-N66U or similar device. If that were to be used to get your ISP data and nothing between it and Core would provide a NAT-NAT setup. Using the ASUS in bridge mode would be best. https://www.asus.com/us/support/FAQ/114552/

 I have to run my FIOS in NAT-NAT due to TV/VOIP services remaining active on the ISP device. My service never drops just connectivity with the Core app that is frustrating for me.


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