Web activity for youtube should show video titles, not URLs

When checking a child's web activities (when youtube is allowed), we'll see "Website visited from allowed category list: http://youtube.com." Under that, we'll see "This site was visited 12 time(s)" or whatever the number is. That displays a list of 12 youtube URLs. 

I could click all 12 of those links to see what the child was looking at. But it would be INFINITELY easier if instead of listing useless URLs, you listed the video titles. For example, instead of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6gZHwE2pYc, you would list "Senate passed $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill." This would be much more useable for parents trying to monitor youtube usage.

Instead of clicking 12 times (not counting the clicks to get back to the Norton tab after looking at youtube), I might not have to click at all, if all titles were age-appropriate.

This appears to be feasible. When I look at the history in Chrome, it lists the title for youtube videos, not the URL.



Re: Web activity for youtube should show video titles, not URLs

Hi mb7,

The 'Web' activity section displays all the URLs blocked/allowed that was accessed by your child. To get a detailed insight of your child's video related activities, You can make use of the 'Video' activity section at the bottom right corner of the 'Activity Summary' page as highlighted in our attached screenshot. By clicking on the 'View Details', You will be able to see all the titles of the videos watched by your child along with its thumbnail image, category and its description. 

Feel free to reach out to us in case you require any further information.

Abhilash Lakshmanan.

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