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Web blocker feature weak on PC

Just installed Norton Family and tried out a few searches to test. I set parental supervision levels to HIGH in house rules, and checked both Gambling and Lingerie (amongst others). I searched "online poker" first, and while a few websites got blocked, one with a name "replaypoker.com" did not, nor did a Texas hold 'em site. These were just some of the random sites I clicked on on the first search page.

Then I searched "Victoria's Secret" and went right to the site. According to a Norton help chat person, Victoria's Secret isn't tagged as a lingerie site. REALLY??? It's just the most famous lingerie store in the U.S.!!!

So far, very unimpressed with the parental control software on the PC. I understand it can't catch everything, but I wasn't even trying that hard.



Re: Web blocker feature weak on PC

I just checked both sites and they are categorized properly. Replaypoker.com is categorized as gambling, and Victoriasecret.com is Lingerie and Mature Content.

Are you certain you have installed and associated an account properly on your pc? It sounds as if you missed the final step in setting up the product.

If you click on the tray icon, select edit accounts, and make sure that the account you are logged into is associated with a policy.


Re: Web blocker feature weak on PC

Yes, it is installed properly and the account is one with the filters on it (in fact, all of the accounts have the same filter settings). The blocker did successfully block several websites I tried, but I was able to find a couple that weren't blocked. A Norton chat employee thought that they actually weren't tagged as gambling or lingerie. 


Re: Web blocker feature weak on PC

Hi DMarkDoublass,

You probably don't have the Norton Family add-ons enabled.

Please check the browser that your child uses to see if the add-ons for Norton Family is enabled.  You can find it at
Tools ->  Manage Add-ons in IE if IE is being used.
Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions in Firefox if Firefox is being used.
Go to chrome://extensions or More Tools->Extensions in Chrome if Chrome is being used.

When the Norton Family program detects the extension is disabled, the Norton Family program sends an alert to the parent.  

The Norton Family program still logs Web activities and also blocks websites when the Norton Family extension is disabled.  The disabled functions are

*Social networking

* Safe search on search engine websites with HTTPS

*Video monitoring (for Premier users)

*HTTPS web monitoring



Thanks Katie

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