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Websearch.Ask.com - Is this a problem site?

I noticed Websearch.Ask.com was coming up as site visited on our daughters computer. I figured it was for school but when I searched for it - this message was across the top of screen - Sorry, the page you were looking for does not exist or is not available. We performed a web search for “Web Search Ask” and here's what we found. When I did more searching I saw people refer to it as a dangerous malware. What is it?



Re: Websearch.Ask.com - Is this a problem site?

Hi jakesjag,

I checked the website Websearch.Ask.com at Norton Safe Web and it shows as Safe.  Please see below for details.


As why you see the log for the website, Norton Family records the website a child visits (For example, clicks a link to the website or types the URL of the website in browser) and also records the websites embedded in the website the child visits.  So, the child might visit the website Websearch.Ask.com or it is embedded in the website she visits.



Thanks Katie

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