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Website Ownership Verification Keeps Failing

My portfolio website ( has been categorized as 'phishing' by Norton. This site has been completely cleaned and restored -- and even verified by Google and McAfee (who also removed it from their blocklist, no less). I've submitted for a dispute twice over the last 3 weeks and I haven't heard anything.

In desperation, I made a web owner's account to try to monitor the dispute that way. Except the verification process is clearly broken. I've tried the meta and html approaches and they both turn up as 'verification failed' despite me following the steps correctly. Most of the time the verification just times out and doesn't even resolve itself. I've submitted feedback to get someone to contact me but no one has.

I've called customer support and chat support but they all time out. I'll sit on hold for over an hour and they just end the call. In chat support they send me the link for the site dispute and then end the chat.

I'm without words. Can anyone here help?





Re: Website Ownership Verification Keeps Failing

We'll try to call attention to "verification failing". = Safe -> Entertainment