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This forum thread needs a solution.

Website password changes not updated in Identity Safe

Isn't Identity Safe supposed to pick up password changes I make in websites?  It does not.  Nor does it allow me to change a password for a site in the Identity Vault once it picks up the entry from a logon. What am I missing?  



Re: Website password changes not updated in Identity Safe

Hi wjbag and welcome to the forums,

A couple of questions:

  • Are you using Identity Safe as part of a Norton Product (Norton Security for example) or the Stand Alone Identity Safe?
  • What is you default browser?
  • What is you operating system?
  • Are you on a PC or mobile device, or both?

In regards to your questions:

  • Yes, ID safe is supposed to pickup password changes.  There is an "INFO Bar that pops in and asks if you want to save the change to a password.

The Info Bar is controlled by the Current Site Options (left click on Vault is Open)

Above shows the INFO Bar turned off - are you seeing this?

  • In order to change a login - open your vault, go to logins, click on the login you need to edit and select Edit, make your changes and Save (which will appear after the Edit is selected.

We'll be awaiting your reply.


Re: Website password changes not updated in Identity Safe

Thank you, yank.  To answer your questions, I am using Identity Safe under Internet Security, operating system is Windows 10, browser is Chrome, intend to use on both PC and mobile devices. 

I was able to change a password by editing within Identity Safe as you suggested.  Thank you for that one. (I'm embarrassed for missing that but that's what questions are for.)

Identity Safe still not getting passwords updated in a website. Can you explain how Infobar works a little more.  Should Infobar Hidden be showing if so when?


Re: Website password changes not updated in Identity Safe

The above is an image of the Browsing Tab under Identity Safe Settings.  Accessible from the drop down of the three dots on the Norton Toolbar.  Please check to see if it is set to Yes or Ask.  Mine is set to Ask, as I like to make sure it is working by displaying the Do you want to save comment. If already set to Yes or Ask, try to set to Off, and then back to Yes or Ask.

The infobar provides information about what ID safe is doing for example Signing you in.  Or may display that there are multiple logins for a site, or may ask if you desire to Save a login.

Two looks for control of it - 1st to turn it off (don't show) 2nd to turn it on (show)

Let us know this helps you.


Re: Website password changes not updated in Identity Safe

I looked at what you suggested.  My Browser settings are identical to the sample you showed - ASK and ASK (although I don't get them by clicking the 3 dots, but rather by clicking the gear icon on the Identity Safe Logins list screen-- different version of Identity Safe??).  And my Current Site Options are set correctly.  Still when I change a password in a website, the change takes on the website, but there is no pull-down or pop-up or whatever from Identity Safe and the vault is not updated.  The Norton toolbar is present throughout this and Vault is Open.

Some questions. Do the Current Site Options have to be set for each Chrome window, or will once cover all?    Also, the first browser we used when we started Windows 10 was Internet Explorer, and my wife still uses it.  Later I have become exclusively a Chrome user, and my problem is occurring in Chrome.  Do you suppose that might be a problem? 

Thanks again for any wisdom you can provide on this.  I would really like to get Identity Safe in full use, but it needs to catch updated passwords.

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