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Welcome to the OnlineFamily.Norton Support Forum!

Welcome to the OnlineFamily.Norton Support Forum!

****Important Information Regarding the Submission of Posts in this Forum!****

Please Read This Thread Prior to Posting Your Question, Issue or Feedback.

Firstly, thank you for visiting the OnlineFamily.Norton forum.  We very much appreciate your time and effort in assisting us to further ensure that this product reliably meets your needs.

One of our purposes in offering this forum is to gather as much relevant information as possible so that we may continue to provide to you the type of quality product you have come to expect from Symantec.  Your evaluation and observations play a key role.

As this forum is intended to collect feedback, identify issues and communicate solutions pertaining to OnlineFamily.Norton, please help us to better assist you by providing the following information concerning your child’s computer (this should be the machine(s) on which the Norton Safety Minder is installed) in your initial post.

1.Type of Operating System and version(Windows XP, Vista, Mac, etc…)

2.Type of Web Browser and version(IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc)

3.Type of user account that the child has on the system(Admin, Limited, Standard…)

4.Safety Minder Version (you can determine this by right clicking on the Norton Safety Minder icon in the System tray and selecting About Norton Safety Minder)

5.Any other Symantec/Norton product installed (please provide version information)

6.Any other Anti-Virus or Security product installed (please provide version information)

Also, we may from time to time send you a Private Message (PM) within the forum.  So that you will be promptly notified in the event this occurs, please ensure that you have enabled the option to ‘Receive Email Notifications for New Private Messages’ on the Preferences tab within the My Profile area.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Message Edited by Tony_Weiss on 05-08-2009 03:32 PM