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what is?

Kategoria: Norton Community Watch
Data i godzina,Zagrożenie,Operacje,Stan,Zalecane działanie,Data aktualizacji,Przesłane przez,Opis,Szczegóły wysyłki
2016-03-02 20:45:04,Informacje,Wysyłka statystyczna wykrycia systemu zapobiegania włamaniom,Przesłano,Nie jest wymagane żadne działanie,2016-03-02 20:45:07,Norton Internet Security,Wysyłka statystyczna wykrycia systemu zapobiegania włamaniom,"Signature ID: 23318  <br>Local or Remote Attacker: 1  <br>Remote Port: 49522  <br>Local Port: 80  <br>Protocol: 6  <br>Signature Set Version: 20160301.001  <br>Application Name: \DEVICE\HARDDISKVOLUME3\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\NORTON INTERNET SECURITY\ENGINE\\NIS.EXE  <br>Offending URL: buy-download.norton.com/downloads/2015/22.5.4/OEM_SMUI/NIS/NIS-OEM-  <br>Date Detected: Wed, 02d Mar 2016d 19d:45d:04d GMT  <br>Application File Checksum: 0B9296AC65C6F3F32E3337490F4BEC67  <br>Application File Information:  <br>Network Data: 434D50520014000078DAED91CF4EC2401087A76214F14F8C8AE8CDA397B65A81C463A52B6DB4DBBABB4D440F1B2C9890404B00233E8DAFE063F8582EB5A0E1E203385F3299B6BFF9B2932D751AF6FA2A0007800280A6A9BEA26AD64BAA0E1F01DE0FD49B66811A53550646EE22C285741D26DD403D84011321CC2C331FDA05C16CCAAF09930D37A237C4812C3FCDF36DF0B80C5970DF92119F875BB0A65A45C9CB273CBDBCE99DF435E9A7ED8E91A4A3499A18713A00ED2257F67F14623BE40FAB9C597B70BC6CA95D98B49B840ABF178FD271FA3C39B9F20437EB461DB442A65DC2E6428B9867CE4F189BD6D979CDB42CA36654CD80F892FB9167528FCF4A571FF4EFCCB0AA4677DA05ADB4B80C467818504E642370C8677619C53CACFC0EA950ABC95B429BC2FDD8898BA06D643B1D657F65694CB442D21E0EFBBDB83DE9A58939D507E3F9B2FE0320088220088220088220088220FF812F9F927040  <br>Sub-signature ID: 70815  <br>Signature Properties: 29714  <br>Referer URL:   <br>Application File SHA256: 149D08436B749003E1B8307C56D46A59983E92DDD1D1348A0FEABD43D34E57BD  <br>Application File CreateTime: 131013373403185934  <br>IPSSubmissionID: 046d7ed3-74bc-11e5-859b-46c46400d0da  <br>Application File Reputation: 82  <br>Application File Prevalence: 196  <br>Remote Address:  <br>  <br>OS-Country:48  <br>OS-Language:Polish  <br>Processor:AMD64 Family 21 Model 19 Stepping 1  <br>System:Windows 7 build 7601 Service Pack 1  <br>Platform-GUID:03E17E96-5D44-4779-B1C5-A346055F432F  <br>DateSubmitted:Wed, 02 Mar 2016 19:45:05 GMT  <br>Product:Norton Internet Security"




Re: what is?

Without translating the whole message, it looks like this is a Norton 'Community Watch entry. This is information Norton collects as you use your product. It logs scan information and malware detections and sends the information to Norton autonomously. This information is used to help determine how widespread a specific malware is around the world. It also allows Norton to see how quickly the malware is spreading and how it is being spread.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: what is?


I think this person is complaining that the offending url is where the person bought the Norton software. It's a IPS detection because of the site that the product was bought from.


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