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What does Norton Security Deluxe include for iOS?

I am about to purchase NSD for my MacBook Pro (Mojave - MacOS 10.14.1) but am undecided as to whether or not to purchase the option to install on 5 devices.

Regarding iOS with my iPad or iPhone, will I be able to use public WiFi without worry of being hacked?  Does NSD include Norton Mobile Security or do I need to buy this separately for my iPhone?  What about Norton Secure VPN?  Is this included in NSD?

Also, I have installed bootcamp on my MacBook Pro, so in addition to Mojave I can boot into a separate partition that contains Windows 10.  This is the same device, with 2 partitions.  Would this constitute 2 devices in regards to Norton Security Deluxe usage?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.



Re: What does Norton Security Deluxe include for iOS?

Hello Camty06. All the features NSD for MAC are listed here. As for boot-camp and Windows 10, you would require a separate install of Norton for W10 as well. Meaning you can use the same multidevice subscription, Windows 10 protection will take a second license even though its on the same physical machine. Norton Secure VPN is NOT included with the bundle linked above, however it IS offered bundled with NSD here.

Norton Mobile Security can also be installed and activated using a license seat of your multidevice subscription.


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