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What great customer service

This is what has happened to me:

I did not realize that when I bought my Norton Antivirus online last year for my netbook (I gave that one away to a family member)

they had an auto-renewal option attached to it.

Despite the company not even sending me an e-mail for it, I found out it was automatically renewed and I had to suffer because my credit card got charged for something I did not intend to purchase, and Norton would not even provide me with a refund after that.

I wonder what kind of customer service this is.



Re: What great customer service

Hi no_limits503,

It is standard practice to notify the user of an automatic renewal at the email address on file in the user's Norton Account.  Did you change your email address at some point?  Did you request a refund at the time that  the charge showed up on your credit card billing statement?



Re: What great customer service

It should be a general policy for everyone however I did not receive anything in my e-mail and when I sign up for things I always use the account that I have used for about 6-7 years.

The refund request was also done around the 60-day mark - I was overseas when this thing just exploded and it got me as a huge surprise


Re: What great customer service

When I went into my norton account one day to get my serial number to install on another PC, I started browsing and found automatic renewal was turned on. Lucky I turned it off. I don't like things getting purchased without my approval.

Not saying anything bad about Norton, I will keep using it, but I don't think automatic renewal should be off by default.

Maybe it was in the terms and conditions I didn't read...


Re: What great customer service

Yes, it was, and you could have opted out at that time.

Q27. Can I “opt-out” of the program at my time of purchase?
Customers in North America are enrolled in Automatic Renewal during online purchase. We recognize that not everyone will want to participate in Automatic Renewal and we've created a simple way to cancel enrollment.
Customers may cancel Automatic Renewal enrollment at any time by:
- Following instructions at the end of their online shopping experience
- Following instructions in their  order confirmation email
- Signing in to Norton Account and opting-out



Re: What great customer service


I completely agree with you.  These automatic renewals should be turned off by default.  In many cases this type of negative option billing is illegal in Canada and considered to be a deceptive business practice.

I'm not sure about NAV, but with NIS the number of days left on your subscription is clearly shown at the bottom of the startup Window,  and I always get a pop-up message when my subscription is close to its expiry date, so these automatic renewals are completely unnecessary.

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Re: What great customer service

<< I did not realize that when I bought my Norton Antivirus online last year for my netbook (I gave that one away to a family member) they had an auto-renewal option attached to it.  >>

I wonder if the email could have gone to the family member who I imagine would have created a MyNortonAccount using their own email address?

I accept that you were the purchaser and it was charged to your card so you should have gotten it but it's just a possibility?

I would be very surprised if you went onto the OnLine Support now via CHAT and asked them how they could help resolve this problem that they won't come up with something.

I remember Kodak once saying when confronted with a spoiled roll of movie film shot on location for a music video their reply was "Kodak doesn't have problems -- we may have Situations .... what can we do to sort this out?" <s>

BTW Did you family member also renew it -- if not isn't the ball in their court to reimburse you?


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