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What is this: Heur.AdvML.B ?

I recently noticed a few performance issues with my pc and then decided to run a full system scan. I then noticed that Norton detected (and solved/removed) something called 'Heur.AdvML.B'. After looking further, the Norton software said that it had a high risk rating; however, the site said that the risk was low. I'm unsure about whether I should be worried about fixing anything or not. And if so, how I'd go about fixing it. Thanks for reading. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: If anyone was wondering, Norton describes it as a 'Heuristic Virus'.



Re: What is this: Heur.AdvML.B ?


Report a Suspected Erroneous Detection (False Positive)

For information re event > from Norton pop-up > More Details > Copy to Clipboard and/or from Norton history > More Options > Copy to Clipboard > paste.

For second opinion choose File &/or Search hash at VirusTotal.


Re: What is this: Heur.AdvML.B ?

Also, after looking at what file Norton's found the virus in, it says it's in livesplit.register.exe. However, many people use Livesplit so I'm unsure if this is a false positive or not. Thanks for the help so far though.

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