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What is NPCStatus?

Vista Home Premium 32 bit, vista SP2

NIS 2010 17.8.05

I just noticed another error code being submitted.

Process Name       ccSvcHst

Module Name    NPCStatus

Error ID {B83E97A9-25AE-4FBA-9139-DE02625F0898}

So what is NPCStatus? Does this indicate

That my NIS is not Functioning correctly, as in not being secure? Or getting Updates?


I just want to make sure that it is working right, thats all. Just that its working right and keeping secure and updated


Accepted Solution
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Re: What is NPCStatus?

Hello Calls,

As explained to you in other threads, if you see a popup that interrupts you to tell you there is an error, then you will need to take action. If you are seeing these in the log, you do not need to worry about them. You're secure!


Re: What is NPCStatus?

thanks, and understand. Just was curious as to what that was


Re: What is NPCStatus?


It is a minor error in all Windows O/S and can be caused by a multitude of things, some as minor as an application taking too long to start up.  The error logs are information only for Symantec, much like the diagnostics run when you take your car in for a tuneup.  Those logs are not for us, they are info for Symantec.  Find some other log that is, at least, more relevant to day to day use.

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