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What is the roadmap for the Norton Core ?

Hi Guys,

I had the Norton Core for a week now for testing purpose and just wanted to know : What do you plan to do with this ?

I'm not wanted to be rude, or anything like that. I just taken this product like it is, a network protection, for casual people. But when I take it, I was thinking it will be something precious and be able to remove my actual Cisco Meraki Firewall. And it won't. Because i'm too technical for this product, OR, it's not technical enough.

I mean, it's ok. It's work. It can protect any HTTP Trafic (but it's open-bar for HTTPS Trafic, and since the malware is hidding into SSL Website, it's kind of complicated...) and some stuff, but, yeah, what next ?

I'm not "happy" with the current feature on the Norton Core. I bough it with my "technical" vision, not a "casual" vision, and that's why I wanted to ask you, guys, what is the plan for the next release ? I mean, it's ok to be easy to configure for casual people, but since Symantec acquiere BlueCoat, it will be a good thing to use thoses expertise to be able to produce one of the greatest security router of all time (I mean, it can be, but just tell us ?)

Here something I was Thinking :

  • Do you have any plan to protect about HTTPS Website ? (SSL interception on the Norton Core) ? It is, for me, the P1 priority, since the HTTPS Trafic seem to be 40% of the web trafic today.
    • And about the current WebFiltering, when you block a HTTPS Website, it show only a TCP_RST instead of a exception page, that's not really easy to understand for the "casual" people
    • About the SSL Certificate (yeah, because I think it's the complicated step) it will be easy to install it directly with the Norton Endpoint Protection, like automaticaly, if the computer is protect with Norton, it will be able to get the Norton Certificate to do the SSL Interception, doesn't ?
  • Do you have any plan to enable VPN on the Norton Core ?
    • VPN Client : protect my device mobile, like we use the Core Application to configure, with this app, be able to cross our policy to go to internet (parental control outside of the local network, for exemple)
    • VPN Server : protect my network connecting to VPN / Proxy solution (Like Symantec get the WSS solution, it will be a two in a row : SSL Interception & VPN protection, and Malware Analysis in the same place)
  • Do we have any plan to get a Web-Browsing configuration for the appliance ?
    • I can understand "It's a critical step" yeah, but Cisco Meraki, for exemple, can be configure in a Web Browser, with a specific portail - why cannot open the possibility to administrate my norton-core directly on my norton-portail ?
    • The app doesn't work well, I have it on two smartphone and cannot be able to get the same notification/history on both smartphone, it's really awefull.
  • Do we have any plan to be able to choose canal for the WiFi ?
  • Do we have any plan to create more network than just one /16 ?
  • Why don't we have the complete GIN WebFiltering solution ? We didn't get the same category than BlueCoat Product, for exemple, and I cannot understand why (Do I have to keep my K9 on my computer or do you think it will be possible to get exactly the same category than BlueCoat in few weeks ?)

I am really curious to understand where we are going with this product - I mean, i didn't get any issue, I really want to push this thing to my parent's house or stuff like that, but today, I'm able to push something else because, for my point of view, the security is "not enough" on the actual solution, and some "great" feature is missing.

Thanks guys, appreciate your next answers :)

Like i said, it's not to be rude, I'm really thinking the Norton Core could be less better than it is actually. I was really surprise by the deny I get on the HTTP website during my (LOT) of test I did this week, but the SSL interception is something really important from my point of view, same than the VPN, and a GREAT WebUI to administrate all thoses stuff.

And the GIN, obvisouly, i'm sad to see thoses category when I compare it to the BlueCoat one, for me it will be something interesting to get, because thoses category is more accurate than the one on the Norton Product, so, that's why i'm asking.

Take care everyone,

Best Regards,

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Re: What is the roadmap for the Norton Core ?

Retired military (Navy 1980-2002) AO1 (AW) Aviation Warfare Specialist "From DOS to Windows10 what a journey it has been" / MS Certified Professional / Windows 10 Professional x 64 version 1809 / build 17763.379 / NCSP / Norton Core v.278 on Android 1.93

Re: What is the roadmap for the Norton Core ?

Hi. It's me again

Can someone help me figure it out about the next feature coming in the Norton Core ? I really think you have a good product but I really think its request more improvement to be really efficient about the threat of today and tomorrow. The SSL interception is. For me. Is really important. Oh. And a TRUE admin console. Not smartphone anymore. Please. It's a really awefull idea.
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Re: What is the roadmap for the Norton Core ?

We are free to make all the suggestions for product improvement that we like. It is unlikely that Norton or any other company is going to openly say what is on the roadmap for future versions of a product until it is almost ready to be released.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: What is the roadmap for the Norton Core ?

Not agree with you. I already saw company showing there roadmap, without any deadline actually, but just to let people know they are working on it. Or it's on the plan. With a specific not saying "it can be changed, or canceled, at anytime"

The Norton Core has a specific add saying "We are here to protect you" but without any SSL Interception, it's not enough.

75% of web traffic will be encrypted by 2019, according to NSS Labs.

And Half of the attack in 2017 was hidding in SSL. 

SSL Interception is something tricky on a company because you have to alert all the user that all there trafic is visible to anybody. But for home users, without any logs (Yeah, that's another point, do you have any plan to let us get the log from the Norton Core on a Splunk or something like that ? Yeah, I live in a DataCenter and have a lot of network stuff in there), I do not understand where can be the issue in there (except the CPU/Memory of the appliance, of course)

Here why it's important :

  • Like I said, 75% of the web will be encrypted in 2019. So, in one year, the Norton Core will be only usefull for 25%. That's, from my point of view, not enough
  • If you are trying to block HTTPS website with the Norton Core, you will get a CONNECTION_RESET error page, who is not easy for someone to understand, when you are blocked on a HTTP website, it's a Norton Core exception page (and it will be great if we can create custom webpage, like adding the reason of the block : Policy ? Malware ?)

This is, for me, the most important weekness point of the product. Because in HTTP my test website work great and the Norton Core impress me. I have it for two or three weeks now and I didn't get any issue anywhere. The WiFi work better than my Meraki AP, so, i'm really curious and interesting to see what we will get next. 

So, I agree about "not showing the roadmap", but just getting few word about this SSL thing and the plan of Norton about this, will be a great, really great thing. And I think it will be easy to do that without hitting the hardware part.

For exemple, how it's work on current home network (and lab, for work purpose) : 

My Firewall (out) is connected to a Site-to-site VPN on a Proxy SAAS who do SSL Interception.
My network work great, i'm not loosing anything on my BW, the SSL Interception and malware analysis (with sandbox) is done on the SAAS Cloud, then go to my Firewall (and to my Norton Core, but i have a issue today, if I start the VPN, the norton core is not able to do DNS request, just have to find out why) 

Norton Core could have something like that - maybe with a new subscription - like enable a feature  who open a VPN on a SAAS Solution, for the SSL Interception part - and malware analysis/sandbox for the same price - and it will be some of the biggest security appliance of all time, easy to use for anyone. 

Like i said, it's just "my two cents" here.

I know I talk a LOT, but just wanted to tell you "why" i think it's important and "how" it could be done without destroy the hardware/performance of the appliance. 


Re: What is the roadmap for the Norton Core ?


The reason for a block is already given in the Core App. Click on the Activity Feed, you will get the date of the blockage, click again on it and you will get a description of the reason for the blockage. If you think it's wrong, you can appeal it also.

Look thru all the old threads in the Core Board and see the progress the Core has made. The Core is an infant still.

Have a Good Night and


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Re: What is the roadmap for the Norton Core ?

The Activity Feed show me only the blocked Threat (when I go to a website with Malware) but nothing about what I blocked on my policy (like Facebook.com or Instagram.com - I have the TPC_RST page, but nothing on my application, and i used it on iOs and Android to be sure to miss nothing)

So, if i blocked something for something, he never know "why" and didn't get the notification on the app.

If I get a kid and blocked social networking, he never know he cannot access to this website because it's a social network, he just know it's blocked (with a weird TCP_RST page, because it's obviously a HTTPS website)

That's my point about this.


Re: What is the roadmap for the Norton Core ?

You are correct if you block facebook.com or twitter.com the parental controls won't tell you why it is blocking but for non https:// sites it will give you the reason it is blocking the site.  This I believe is not correct.  I tested by blocking religion category and went to this site www.cbglades.com and it told me it blocked by religion.  On the app it tells you why it blocked it but not on the device.

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