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What's the effect if I disabled Vulnerability Protection add-on in firefox?

Is this add-on only protect firefox itself or can prevent  vulnerability in webpages?I turned off it but my NIS still blocked Intrusion attempt by a website using vulnerability .The notice is "exploit blocked".

I would like to know how Vulnerability Protection add-on effect  my  surfing security in detail,thank you!



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Re: What's the effect if I disabled Vulnerability Protection add-on in firefox?

Hi Erika:

Welcome to the Norton forum.

Symantec employee Subash Prabu has posted an explanation here about Norton Vulnerbility Protection (NVP).  More detailed information can be found in the product manual for your NIS product, which is available for download at http://us.norton.com/support/cs/selectproduct_manuals.jsp#.

Vulnerbilitiy Protection is just one component of Norton's Intrusion Protection and provides information about known security risks and configuration settings in the operating system and programs that are installed on your system.  In NIS 2013, the list of vulnerable programs can be viewed as follows:

  1. Click Advanced in the main NIS window.
  2. Click Vulnerability Protection under the Network Protection section.
  3. Click on any program (e.g., Mozilla Firefox) to see the names of the attack signatures that Intrusion Prevention uses to detect any attempts to exploit the vulnerabilities in the program.

According to information on page 282 of the NIS 2013 product manual , the "Program Vulnerability Details list does not include any signature that you disable in the Intrusion Signatures window".  I assume this means that even if you disable the Norton Vullnerability Protection extension in your browser, your system will continue to be protected from attacks from all the intrusion signatures listed at Settings | Network | Intrusion Protection | Intrusion Signatures | Configure while you browse the Internet.

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