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What's going on here?

What in the world is going on with this product?

My friend and I went through this same situation months ago.

Luckily for us it was resolved but not after weeks of relatively poor customer support.

Is their a lack for resouces for this section of Symantec or something?

Why hasn't it been resolved yet?

It's not like the product has been released a few months now - it's years.

Come on Symantec get your act together.

If another company can do it (as I've read from other users) why can't you do it and even better?

Is it that Symantec undervalues this product? What is it?

Loyal and Hurting,


"Life opens up when you do." - Procter & Gamble



Re: What's going on here?


Can you please share the details of the issues you had and I can see what we can do to get the matters resolved. As for product comments or suggestions please send them to me via private message and I'll ensure they actually get shared with the right people. I've already shared your forum post with them.


Re: What's going on here?

Hi Wesley,

I had the purging problem which took 2 weeks to resolve due to poor internal communications.

My friend's problem took about a month.

I think it was resolved though. He had file/s and purging issues.

He was turned off after that, so I'm not sure he would be using it again.

Maybe it's a good thing since I see it hasn't been fixed yet.

My subsription has been sitting idle since then as I don't see the point in using it.

Why bother using my bandwidth when the problems still exist? What's the point?

If I need to recover a file, I can't be certain that I'll be able to get it.

Such a good idea made real but wasted thus far because of Symantec's failure to address it.

If Symantec decides to address these problems then I'll consider it again.

However, this doesn't exempt them from this very poorly working product that is taking forever to be fixed.


"Life opens up when you do." - Procter & Gamble

Re: What's going on here?

Hello Mitka

Despite your experiences the product does indeed work. It's something I use myself on a regular basis. Restores are not instant and likely will not be as long as there is a history and encryption to contend with. If you want a true one to one download then its going to be at the sacrifice likely of one of those items. Details of how restore actually works is outlined in a sticky on the top of this forum.

As for performance, which is an entirely different matter, there is an upcoming release that will help address many of the headaches. That should be due in the coming weeks. I may not be able to have much sway on the Tier 1 support experience but I can try to help rectify the damage caused. If you want to wait till the next release is out and try it again I'll extend your subscription so you can try it first hand.

Send me a private message if you're interested and we can work out the specifics.


Re: What's going on here?

Hi Wesley,
That is true, the product itself is a marvelous one and it does back up.

What exactly do you mean by not instant?

Although, I'm not sure what you are talking about I can apppreciate what you saying and be ok with that.

I shall take you up on that and this is one of the many times I would be able use to say how great Symatec support is.

I see that you have been at it, very hard, trying to address user problems :-)


"Life opens up when you do." - Procter & Gamble

Re: What's going on here?

I've had the same problem as I find was earlier reported, being unable to backup, with the error message of A8989, which indicates a server problem on Norton's part according to previous posts, as follows: 

Backup failed (A8989)


07-02-2012 02:57 AM

After  nearly 6 hours online with Norton these past 2 days, the tech said maintenance is being done.  Not so sure that's the case anymore.  I have not been able to back up for 3 days, including today thus far.  The error code A8989 indicates a server problem on your side as I was told. 

What is interesting is that my problem seems to have begun on the day after I renewed this product for another year, it having worked fine previously. E-mail support while prompt, gave the advice of reinstalling the software, which I did several times without effect. But since the error message indicates a server problem on Norton's side I don't know logically what I am expected to do Their next adivce, for them to remotely access my computer, fills me with horror.

I've already wasted enough hours.

I surrender.

I give up.


Re: What's going on here?


That error is indeed maintenance but it shouldn't last for days. I'd expect it to last no more than 2 hours at its most extreme. If you can send me your account details, via private mressage only please, I can get the account checked. I'll also add on 30-days to your subscription for the poor support.

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