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What's wrong with Chat Tech Support?

First of all, I've been a loyal Norton user for over 20 years and have been very satisfied with any of their products I've used. I am posting this to pose a question to the forum gurus and maybe the forum admins. Do you think Chat support has seriously gone downhill (or did I experience an anomaly)? Let me share my last experience with Chat.

Many times I've contacted support to add my days remaining to a newly purchased Product Key. This has always been a relatively painless experience and accomplished quickly, efficiently and with courtesy. This last week was quite different. Upon initial contact, the agent requested my new Key. When given, he advised it hadn't been activated yet and I needed to do so before he could add my days remaining to it. No problem yet. He told me to connect to Norton.com/setup and enter my key. I did so and it took me to a screen that wanted me to download the program to either my current PC or another if I so desired. This is where the fun began. I told him where I was at and he then told me I needed to uninstall my current Norton Deluxe and reinstall it from this page. I asked if I needed to do this to all 5 of my devices and he said yes. He then said he would connect to my PC remotely and finish the process for me. (Hair on my neck now standing up!) I informed him that I've never had to do this in the past and that in no way was I going to uninstall a good working program or let him touch my PC (they've royally screwed things up in the past when connected). After a few minutes, he told me he now saw my Product Key was activated and that he was adding my days remaining to it. After he said it was done, I looked at my program and it said 10 days remaining on Trial version. Rather than telling me how to correct this, he said it was impossible for me to see this as I had no trial version registered in my account. I then noticed I was not signed in any more. I signed in and it showed the correct days remaining now. I had to go into all 5 devices and re-sign in on each. After doing so, they all showed correct information.

This whole process took a VERY long time and what he said to me and what he wanted to do was completely contrary to past experiences to accomplish this procedure. So is this what I can expect in the future from Chat or did I experience an anomaly?

I did forward this information when I received my survey form. I can provide a case ID if necessary. Thanks for any opinions on this.



Re: What's wrong with Chat Tech Support?

You are definitely not alone. Their customer service has gone south. After over 15 hours of "customer service call/chat" I have been given the run around and continue to have issues with the program.

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