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This forum thread needs a solution.


When will my core router be delivered...I ordered several months ago.



Re: When?

I dropped your question in the search box above and to my surprise it did find the original answer:

Norton Core – Pre-order and Shipping FAQ 

How do I purchase Norton Core?

You can purchase from the Norton Online Store or you can directly contact Norton Support to place your pre-order. A confirmation email will be sent once the pre-order is placed. Your Norton Core router will be shipped in summer 2017. We will update you with further details as the shipping date approaches.

Let's see if they are any closer to defining "Summer 2017" .... I imagine that in part they will be waiting for the Windows 10CU upgrade to settle down before adding some new technology to the Norton Stable -- at least let's hope so.

Hank on for a while. 

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Re: When?

Hi @rallengates,

As @huwyngr pointed out, you will be notified with further details as the shipping date approaches. Thank you for contacting us. :) 



Re: When?

According to Amazon, their information on the Norton Core mentions that the Router will be released on July 10, 2017. They seem to be more informed than we are. (g)

The Best Buy page on Norton Core shows in Pre-order shipping - "Get it by 7/10/2017".