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When I turn on my VPN it shows Amazon as my provider

Please explain to me that when I turn on my VPN it shows Amazon as my provider when I do a speed test and when VPN is not activated it shows my Century Link account as my Internet provider.  When it shows Amazon my email is all messed up and I have to constantly have to connect my internet all the time.  I do not have to do this with Century Link.  I noticed this when I went to do a speed test.

When I activate my VPN my email wont send out my emails and every time I go onto the internet, get mail etc I have to reconnect my internet because my system shows it down.  When Amazon went down for a day or two it worked fine.  Please fix this now.

I have had Norton for a very long time and I am literally not happy with this and I need an explanation as soon as possible.   


Without VPN Activated

With VPN Activated

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