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WHEN schedule questions

Q1: When I "schedule" a backup it shows 4 choices; Automatic, Weekly, Monthly, Manual. Automatic says it does it when you system is idle, but does not talk about frequency. So how often does an Automatic backup occur ?

Q2: If I select weekly and pick a time, what happens if the system is in Sleep mode at that time ? Does it run the backup when it wakes up ? If so and I have Run Only at Idle, will it wait after it comes out of sleep until the system is idle, since it is probably not idle when it wakes up ?


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Re: WHEN schedule questions

Hello AliceM39,

Q1:  The automatic backup occurs daily (24 hours from the last successful backup).  If interrupted at some point during the day, it will try again later in the day until successful.

Q2: The Norton backup will not wake your computer from sleep. Once your computer is out of sleep mode, it will run at the first available time the system is idle.

Hope that helps.

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