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For when they fix the VPN auto-connection.

It is the only software I know of that does not have VPN protection at startup (Norton 360). This is a serious security problem since it implies that the user must activate it manually each time they turn on the computer (which should not be the case).

Please fix the Norton 360 built-in VPN garbage or give us a chance to install the VPN separately (which if it connects to itself).

It is really annoying. What do you expect that tomorrow I have to activate the antivirus when turning on the computer too?



Re: For when they fix the VPN auto-connection.

I totally agree that VPN not auto connecting is a serious issue. Before upgrading to Norton Lifelock 360 Suite, I used the stand-alone version and it worked fine. Auto turn-on when I rebooted, if it disconnected, it would reconnect. I was able to place the VPN icon on my task bar so I could monitor the status. Now, it turns off several times a day and I don't know unless I open the application, then I have to manually reconnect. This is really irritating me a lot. It is my opinion that since the new Norton Lifelock 360 Suite including VPN includes over 500GB of online backup storage, that VPN turns off on purpose. Think about it, they sell millions of licenses and everyone knows the price we pay for security is a slower connection speed. Norton probably doesn't have enough backup server bandwidth without turning off VPN. It's logical, it worked perfectly before, not it doesn't. If this doesn't get fixed soon, I will dump North Secure VPN and get the service elsewhere.

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