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When will Norton Monitor Screen time on iOS?

Norton's ability to do anything on the iOS is really limited.  It would be a great tool if it was truly cross platform capable.    The fact that Financial institutions can monitor and distribute iOS phones, should mean that Norton can do this for Kids/Families.  Honestly, this product needs to be cross platform, or platform agnostic, and heck then you could charge more!

Please let me know what your time table is on anything for iOS?  The latest iOS proves my point that the functionality on any apple product seems limited to "ON or OFF".  For kids that really doesn't fit that often.



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Re: When will Norton Monitor Screen time on iOS?


Please upgrade to the latest version of Norton Family for iOS from the App store. We have recently introduced "Instant Lock" for iOS which enables parents to hide/show all user installed apps on the device. This helps with better monitoring on the iOS device. Please try and let us know your feedback. Shortly, we shall also be adding the time curfew feature for iOS. We shall post an update immediately after this is available.


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