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This forum thread needs a solution.

Where is the Dutch Support

Normaly when i have problems whith my Norton product i call to Amsterdam 003120-7989553.
Today i make a phonecall and there is no Dutch support anymore.
For me is that the end of Norton.
The products (Norton security) is oke, but the wifi Norton Privacy is not good working on all my Android devices.
Triall here,trial there, in the bottum of the app there is no text if you have lucky (i have already a account)
When you click down in a white field, sometimes you have Lucky and a popup comes up to login.
Norton Say to me, Norton is not working on a Root Devices.
Bull shit, its only (GOOD) working on all my Rooting devices.
On W10, Everytime i have to login again.
I have a downloadspeed 400mb en upp 40mb.
Norton gives me not more back then 60/100mb whith Norton wifi Privacy whith that app on.
Its realy shit, after years, i say goodbey in April 2019 to Norton Wifi.
I already have a different VPN A.P.I. and i use Nblocker.
The only thing i keep is Norton security.
I also use Antimallwarebytes (from Cleverbridge) and CC Cleaner Pro.
Now i Know why the support in Amsterdam don`t call me back.
Thanks for the email that Norton don`t send whith that information.
#Shame #Fail.

English is not my thing, sorry for some wrong words.
33 euro for one year whith fail Norton Wifi, I paid 40 dollar a year whith P.i.A Vpn, and i have full internetspeed..



Re: Where is the Dutch Support

You should still be able to contact Norton Support via chat.   www.norton.com/contactcs

Norton Say to me, Norton is not working on a Root Devices.
B.......t, its only (GOOD) working on all my Rooting devices.

It may work on a rooted device. But it has not been tested on rooted devices so Norton will not support that. If you have rooted the device, there is no telling what else you may have installed that might be interfering with the Norton apps.

The speed issues with Norton Wifi Privacy, NWP, have been reported many times. I have seen times where I get full speed from my ISP, and other times I see the kind on speed loss you are noting. I just tested now and see no speed reduction.


Where did you get the number you used to try to contact support? Was it from the link I gave here, or did you have this number written down from a previous contact? Norton may have changed the number.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Where is the Dutch Support

Thanks to our Guru, @huwyngr.

Please try this number:

Nederland: +31 (0) 20 5040 539

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.

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