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Where O where has my HDD free space gone?

OK, you bought a nice new computer not that long ago & your free space keeps disappearing?  Frustrated?  Can't figure out why?  Every time you look another Gb or 2's vanished?  

May I suggest you download TreeSizeFree?  [I'm not associated w/them; I'm just a VERY satisfied customer.] It takes very little space, but it is very powerful.  As soon as it's downloaded, choose 'Run as Administrator'
& you'll have a complete pic of your entire HDD - including hidden folders & files...AND you can deal with them with a mere click of the cursor. :)

My notebook has a 580GB drive that's rapidly run out of free space. I cleared all photos & videos (25Gb worth) off to a 1.2Tb drive just to run Office. In frustration I googled 'hard drive free space disappearing'. After viewing several tech sites & seeing what the majority opinion recommended for a not-too-geeky user I decided I had nothing to lose at this point & ran TreeSizeFree.  To my amazement 70%...Seventy percent of my drive was being eaten up by ONE program,  It wasn't Windows, it wasn't my Libraries.  Nope, it was Norton!!!  I had hundreds of folders going back FOUR years!. These definitions, updates, whatever were totally useless (I've changed to a different version over the years) so I figured the only thing to do was get rid of all of them.  One folder alone contained 2962 files & ate up 1.9Gb of space!  

Presto -chango!  I now have over 300Gb back!  Yippee!

FYI:  no matter what an ad claims NEVER, EVER use a registry cleaner!  That's a great way to really foul up your software.  Several tech sites are honest and say 'cleaning' a registry is not necessary & will NOT increase your speed.



Re: Where O where has my HDD free space gone?

I second Tree Size Free, I have used it for may years and really find it helpful.  Coincidentally last year I used it to also find that Norton had left behind several years of abandoned definition folders.



Re: Where O where has my HDD free space gone?


That is why the Registry Cleaner was removed from the Norton Security line of products. N360 had one, but that program has been discontinued.


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Re: Where O where has my HDD free space gone?

After reading the article [Removed] toock useful information. Well, that about it write. I, for instance, did not know why the system on my computer so often get. And it turns out quite simple. Often you jast need to clean your system from temporary snd leftover files. Even now, cleaned up and became faster Internet work and Word is not buggy.

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