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Kudos3 Stats

Which Login Would You Like To Use?

Hi all,

This latest Norton Tool Bar seems to be borked. When going to a site that has multiple logins I get the following:

Which Login Would You Like To Use?


Sometimes it shows the dropdown with login choices, other times it does not show anything at all.

Pain in the butt considering I need to use 50+ logins a day for various customer sites.

Windows 7

Norton 360 Premier Edition

Norton Toolbar: 2014.5.1.6

Norton Vulnerability Protection: - 1


Kudos1 Stats

Re: Which Login Would You Like To Use?

This new vault and toolbar is absolute crap. Never ending issues and I spend more time navigating to the login section in the identity safe through nortons 360 then using the actual toolbar method.

For some reason I keep getting "Site is Ignored" on most sites I visit and need to log into. And clicking the "Site is Ignored" button does jack **bleep**.

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