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Whitelist Question

I've submitted two apps for whitelist approval, and have got an email that each has been added to the whitelist although they were previously classified as WS.Reptutation.1.  I understand that the updated whitelist should be added an Norton Security update within 24 hours.  Well 25 hours has come and gone for the first app, and I'm able to load it on one of my machines, but not on the machine where Norton originally reported WS.Reptutation.1. Is there something else I need to do (like clear some sort of history) to get the WS.Reputation.1 cleared so Norton doesn't keep deleting my app?



Re: Whitelist Question

Hello SeldomSeen

New whitelist updates do come out almost every day. I don't think there is any set time of day that the update will come thru to your computer. You can try running Live Update manually and see if it will come thru. Sometimes, restarting your computer might help to get the flow going.  I would give it another 24 hours. That kind of update would only come out once a day. It might have got put on the list just after the previous list went out. It also depends on where you are located and how busy the servers are.  It does have to be on the server for you to get them.


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