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Whoa! Where are my NCW not yet submitted items???

For a two weeks ago in NCW (Norton Community Watch) list in Security History of NIS 2011 there are was about 3400 items (34 pages per 100 items). (you can see it in http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Internet-Security-Norton/Hot-October/td-p/317558 post)

For a week ago it was reduced to 23 pages - all right - old already submitted items were cleared, ok.

But yesterday after each day (manually by click LiveUpdate link) update procedure items quantity became only 300 (3 pages), but a hours ago with "Pending" status was 10 and a half pages, and about a whole page may be fulled with "Waiting" status from 11 to 23 pages.

So a page of Waiting items and Pending items from 3 to 10 pages - are mystically gone to nowhere like black hole eat it. 

My comp. statistic: per 1 day pending to submitted status receiving about 120-150 items (1-1.5 page) and now I guess that more than 700 items will be never submitted to Symantec.

What is going on?