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Why is Crap Cleaner raising a flag?

How is it that after downloading the current upgrade from Piriform for Crap Cleaner, Norton says only 5 members of the community are using the software? Did something negative occur with the software (apart from being purchased by another security software company and their constant efforts to get you to upgrade) that I'm unaware?


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Re: Why is Crap Cleaner raising a flag?

Um, where did you download file from and which build.   Direct from Piriform?

You can clear File Insight with Trust Now (if you trust)
and Firewall alert looks like CCleaner calling home 

Digital Signature on my CCleaner Slim build


Re: Why is Crap Cleaner raising a flag?

I initiated the download from within CC. Once on their site and select the free version, you're pushed to File Hippo for the download. There are no options or yes/no's. The downloaded file looks the same as it has for decades. Once downloaded, Norton's small rectangular notice at the lower right of the screen says the file is SAFE. How can that not be at odds with Norton's further cautionary screens?

I know about Trusting a file that Insight is unsure about. I was and continue to be a bit confused how the Insight community head count can be so low for such a popular program 9 days after release? Although this second time I downloaded the file the # of users in the Norton Community increased somewhat from that stated before.

CC is definitely calling home (Avast (likely the company that purchased CC)). I see no way of avoiding.

What is this SLIM BUILD you're referring to?

And where are you finding the Digital Signature Details? I clicked on every link I could find on the Norton screens that popped up with CC and none looked like your Digital Signature information?

At this point I'm sure that what is ready to install is what I've installed for years. But I am interested in knowing the answers to the questions I've posed?



Re: Why is Crap Cleaner raising a flag?


Slim Installer, no toolbar

download and save file to your desktop > right click file > click Properties >

click Digital Signatures


Re: Why is Crap Cleaner raising a flag?

It takes time for the Community Watch data to be sent from users' computers and added to the insight data at Norton, and then sent back to all user's computers via LiveUpdate. 

And many users turn off the Community Watch feature as they feel Norton is snooping on them. So that will also affect the stats.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Why is Crap Cleaner raising a flag?

Did not see this thread when I started This thread

360 recent up-Date and CCleaner


I am a longtime user of both Norton & CC Pro.

Both kept current always.

Norton 360 Standard Plus 1 update installed Jan. 23 2019

CC crashed on first run since Norton install and has not worked since.


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