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Why do I still get 2011 LiveUpdates in 2012?

I've been a Norton customer for >5years, and this issue has happened every year since my first renewal. The last 2 years someone remoted into my machine and "fixed" something (which shouldn't be necessary, rught?)

My automatic renewal took place last month, and I still see 2011 in LiveUpdates of some module names/headers.

I've run everything possible and get the message my product is up to date--

I continually run LiveUpdate and it seems sporadic (see 1-8 updates; updates can be 1-2 minutes for up to 1 hr; and have seen no updates for several hours);

I've run Power Eraser; 

I've run Power Eraser and rebooted;

I've checked multiple times for the most current product and version; 

I've checked for current product version and updates and rebooted; 

I've run LiveUpdate  and rebooted; 

run Power Eraser and rebooted;

Any ideas? I'd really like to feel confident in my product and its performance without having to second-guess all the time, and at each renewal.   Thanks, DM

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Re: Why do I still get 2011 LiveUpdates in 2012?

Hi DM,

Norton 360 v5 is the product version from 2011, when v6 (version from 2012) will be released you'll see 2012 in the header(s).

Cheers, Jo Graduate of the WTT Classroom

Re: Why do I still get 2011 LiveUpdates in 2012?

Thanks & Kudos Jo - appreciate the info. I wondered about that, but thought "why wouldn't they release an annual update on time?" Silly me.  Cheers, Doug

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