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Why does Norton overcharge me every year?

Last year I was charged for the full protection suite AND VPN, even though VPN is included in the protection suite. After wasting an hour I finally got it straightened out and they said they would refund me. Now this year, the same thing again occured. Will this be a yearly event for me? This is, and I can't use the word that i want to use, quite bothersome and frustrating. Anyone know how to get Norton to stop charging extra every year????



Re: Why does Norton overcharge me every year?

Log into your Norton Account and hover your cursor over the user icon at the top right and click on Manage My Subscriptions. See if you find a separate subscription listed for the Norton Secure VPN. If you do check to see if the Automatic Renewal feature is enabled. If it is Disable it.

At this point, you will have to request the refund again. To request a refund see this Norton Support page.   But after you do, check the Auto Renewal feature is disabled for the VPN to avoid getting charged again next year.

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