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Why does the Norton tool bar disappear

I have a question, more curious than anything. This morning, I opened Firefox, signed into my Norton vault, and everything was fine. I inadvertenly closed Firefox, and when I opened it, there was no Norton toolbar. Why does it disappear like this, especially, after using it that morning.

I did a Live update (a few times), nothing, and finally updated Firefox, and lo and behold, the toolbar was back. I understand about Norton changing things, but don't understand why it will be there and then not.

thanks in advance.



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Re: Why does the Norton tool bar disappear

Hi Susan, and welcome. As Mozilla is on a 6 week cycle like Google, Symantec normally release a patch for the Toolbar a day or so beforehand.

It's often better to run Live Updates manually until no more are found, and THEN update Firefox.

I updated that way today, and all is working ok.

It seems to help compatibility if done that way.

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