This forum thread needs a solution.

Why have format if it doesn't format?

Why, in this Community / Forum  / Posts / Threads (which is it!) have the options to format Bold, Underline Italics, bullets etcetera, if they stripped from the Post/Thread/ on Submit/Save?


How long is it that we have to Save/Submit our Post/Thread before having to retype it because we are not up to Norton's required typing speed?


p.s. This Post/Thread/ WAS text formatted using some bold, underline, italic, and bulleted. 

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Re: Why have format if it doesn't format?

I just tested the formatting and it seemed to work fine for me.  See here.

What browser are you using? What extensions are you using?

As for having to retype. The only time I see that is if I navigate away from the forum page and then come back while in the same browser tab. Even then, there is an autosave feature that lets you get back to where you left off.

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