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Why I May Leave Norton

First of all, I am a long-time Norton user and, for the most part, I love the software.

I went through this last year, but with 3 months left on my subscription, I am thinking about it once again.

Perhaps, Norton might be interested in the reasons why [because if I'm thinking this way, I am sure there must be others]. In no particular order:

-- The recent pullbacks of prematurely issued patches/updates.

-- Norton Backup [I use NSwBU] is pretty horrendous - slow, clunky, very user-unfriendly. I switched to iDrive already.

-- Recent stand on the National Rifle Association [of which I am also a long-time member of]. Mixing politics with retail is not, imho, a good model for success.

-- I was under the mistaken impression [apparently] that LifeLock was become a part of NS. I canceled my LifeLock subscription thinking it would appear in the new version of NS. It did not. Confusion, at the best.

-- Auto Renewal VS re-purchasing: I was told that Auto Renewal was for customer "convenience." HA! Convenience would be auto-renewing at a fair market value. As it is, the convenience is all for Norton; they get a renewal at an outrageous price. I'm not paying that any longer and I really don't relish the notion of buying new keys every year - and the mess that often creates with uninstall/reinstall/key doesn't work/etc.

So, unless something changes over the next 90 days, I'm a goner. Bit Defender or Vipre are looking pretty good. I hate to switch, but some of this stuff, particularly the auto-renew, is inexcusable to a paying customer of long standing.



Re: Why I May Leave Norton

Hi richfed,

I think you are preaching to the choir - so to speak. As with a lot of us "old timers" things have changed over the years and it seems all retailers are feeling the crunch and streamlining their work forces (I miss Tony, Tim and Dave on an almost daily basis), cutting expenses, and thus end up with mistakes being made in the dependability/functioning/QCing of their products.

I have to agree - Norton Backup (NSBU) leaves a bit to be desired and has been disabled on my systems for years - Marcum Reflect free is my choice.

True - there is no "loyalty discount" offered by Norton, but as $$ gets tighter, a little more complex procedure may be worth saving the additional "convenience charge" - at least in my eyes.

The NRA/LifeLock decisions are made well above our pay grades and usually are based on something besides users desires.  Basically as you eluded to the bottom line is more $$ in Norton's coffers.

Just my 2¢!


Re: Why I May Leave Norton


For the most part, you can turn off Auto-Renewal and buy the product usually cheaper either at another reputable online site or in a reputable store. When you disable Auto-Renewal, then please delete your billing information.Since there are no more CD's, the installs are all downloads now. They usually all lead to the Norton website link with the retailer emailing you the key. Once you get the key, you can just install the new key where it says renew. If you are having issues with your current program, then a delete and reinstall may be necessary.

Have a Good Night and


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Re: Why I May Leave Norton

In my search for a replacement - Vipre's renewal policy - $10 discount, plus an additional discount for auto-renew. Now, that's customer friendly!

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