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Why I think this Crypto mining doesn’t work.

It seems when Ethereum goes up in value our Graphic cards keeping mining in the background and when we check to see how much our unpaid balance has progressed NOTHING! no changes in our unpaid balances and then when Ethereum goes down this crypto mining software starts working again but we are not getting paid the amount we should be paid when the market was up. I also want people to know I have lost 0.002 unpaid balance because support told me I had to make a new account but I would not lose my crypto not true I did lose it and I also lost up to 0.003 of crypto in transfer fees.

When I went to with drawl my $15.51 to transfer it to my Coinbase wallet, I was charged  $10.00 to transfer leaving me with $4.51 after a week of mining. I was told that Norton only charges 15% and Coinbase charges the rest. Coinbase told me they only charge around $4.00 like the first two with drawls I had before.

Here are my experiences since I began mining September 1st

1. My first experience was September 1st Ethereum was at $3,340.00 I wrote down my unpaid balance as I always do, I mined all night and the next morning my unpaid balance never changed it was still the same it took 4 days to start working again I kept mining because I read in the forums that you would still accumulate your Ethereum and when it starts working you will get paid what you mined. Well Ethereum went up in those 4 days to $3,938.00 and my payout was $15.51 for 0.004003 so what happen to all the mining I did for those 4 days? Even with ETH being at $3,556.00 as I write this post on October 10th I should have been paid $18.77 for 0.004003 according to the Ethereum calculator. So at $3,938.00 I should have been a lot more then $15.51

2. This time on September 30th my unpaid balance was 0.001098, Ethereum was at $2,855.00 but on the morning of October 1st my unpaid balance was still again the same 0.001098 after mining all night and Ethereum began to rise again for the next 4 days on the morning of October 4th my balance finally changed to 0.002396137331 but stopped changing again for the next 2 days my computer kept mining and did not change until October 6th to 0.003546808757 but stayed the same until October 8th.

3. On October 8th my unpaid balance finally changed I went to bed around 10:30 pm and wrote down my unpaid balance of 0.004176680631 when I woke the next morning I checked my unpaid balance and it was still at 0.00417668031 but when I checked my log on my video card it was running all night. again here’s the coincidence Ethereum also had gone up from $3,356.00 the night before to $3,680.00 that morning and was rising all day. My unpaid balance was still the same no change and no deposit into my wallet all day. Here’s a strange thing my unpaid balance was only going to pay me 14.55 even though Ethereum was up to $3,588.00 so again this time I had a higher unpaid balance then before, Ethereum was higher and I was only going to be paid $14.55 for 0.004176680631

I use a Crypto calculator and put in my Video card, Hash Rate, Watts being used, and it lets me know how much I am to get paid per day and per week and I am not getting paid what I should be getting paid. I should be making $2.90 a day, $20.00 a week but I am only making 14.00 a week give or take it depends on the market for 0.004 ETH

I wrote this post not to discredit Crypto mining because when it works it works but when it’s down it’s down and I believe they are miscalculating payouts and fees. At this time I have shut down my mining SOFTWARE and will not use it again until I get paid my unpaid balance to my wallet and until they fix all the bugs I am sure in the near future they will have a productive product but for now I will be mining through another company and not renew my subscription.


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Re: Why I think this Crypto mining doesn’t work.

I have only been doing it for one week but this has been my exact experience to the letter.  From what I have seen so far, I am beginning to believe that Norton invented this project to simply use our computers to mine crypto for them.  I have run every calculation possible dozens of times and based on my personal experience Norton Crypto earn less than 10% of what any other Crypto mining software would earn. Then, Norton charges 15% of that as commission.  Then to get your Ethereum out of your Norton wallet, you have to pay and 80% fee.  

I really believe this is a Norton scam job on its customers, and it has caused me to distrust Norton as a company. I have used Norton for my security needs for over 20 years, but I believe I will now be looking elsewhere for a company that has its customer's best interests at heart. 

As a successful YouTuber, with almost 30K subscribers, I have recorded all of this experience and will be releasing a video detailing my experience and advising people to stay away from Norton Crypto.  This is, of course, unless Norton staff really steps it up and takes an interest in fixing the issues or at least admitting the issue exists (which so far they claim it does not). There are many posts on this forum citing this exact problem, so it is real. 

Norton, if you are listening, I am offering you a chance to make this right.  I believe everyone makes mistakes, but it is how you handle those mistakes that counts.  So far, from what I and many other people on this forum are seeing, the Norton Crypto project is HURTING Norton customers.  Yes, HURTING!  I am a certified computer technician. Mining crypto is hard on PC GPUs and can even be damaging.  Mining crypto takes a lot of power and at the, way below market rate, you are paying out earnings to your customers for using their computer hardware to mine crypto for you, it is actually COSTING them more than they are earning.  This is not right.  Is it a mistake, or is it by design?  I do not know the answer.  Your interest, Norton, in fixing the problems will be the answer to this question.  I will hold off from using my power as an internet influencer to spread the word about the truth of this program for a while, to gather more information, but so far, it is not looking good for Norton.  Time will tell. 

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Re: Why I think this Crypto mining doesn’t work.

Thank you for the comment I thought I was the only one imagining this, but I checked, checked and double checked using crypto currency calculators, hash rate formulas, I even over clocked my card I have written every unpaid payout amounts before I went to bed and what it was in the morning for a week and noticed that with everything calculated it never added up to what I should have been paid.

Yesterday I finally had my payout added to my wallet and when I tried to withdraw it it read I had to wait until 5:48 pm tonight. So I am waiting and then I am uninstalling Norton and will be asking for a refund.

Thanks again for your comment

P.S. Would like to see that YOUTUBE VIDEO

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Re: Why I think this Crypto mining doesn’t work.

yep agreed. my subscription is ending and usually its an easy renew decision. this time im probably gonna look elsewhere. can you imagine how much money they have made from all the unpaid hashes we have been giving them? absolutely disgusting!

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