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Why is ID Safe safe?

I've been using ID Safe for over two years and love it.  But I can't help wondering why that one password I use to open ID Safe is more secure than all the many passwords it keeps track of for me?  Can anyone give me a warm feeling about this?


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Re: Why is ID Safe safe?

Hi robinhink,

Please go to the following link:


The have a look at least the three questions below:

How does Symantec protect my Vault data?

Can other users access my Vault data?

How do I retrieve my password if I lose or forget it?

Hope that answers you question.


Re: Why is ID Safe safe?

In reality, it's only as safe as you think it is! Despite all the assurances that Norton gives us that the information is secure, do you believe it? I'm sure that most people believe that Target, Home Depot, and many of the other companies that were recently hacked were also safe, but they weren't! That's why many of us want Norton to give us back the option to keep our identity safe local on our computers, something for an unexplainable reason they refused to do.

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Re: Why is ID Safe safe?

I have a bit of a different take on it...

Security issue aside (for the moment) - It's been my experience that a local vault is simply more reliable to use.  In fact, I can't remember one single occasion of it ever letting me down - and that's over years of use.  Unfortunately I can't say the same about my various adventures in cloud-vaulting! 

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