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Why is Norton deleting this post all the time?

I've posted this before, and it disappears after a  short while. Must be virus on the Forum.

Norton has a coding issue with their recent Internet 2011. One tech I managed to reach that could think outside of the call centre stats, tested the issue and agreed with me (when 7 others refused to discuss it). He said he tested it on 3 other systems, and that I was right. he said he would pass it to the kiddie-coders and someone would get back to me. Someone did. They closed the ticket.

I bring it forward, they ignore it, or a "supervisor" closes the file stating I was told how to fix it. Just because a supervisor says it's fixed, doesn't make it so. Try and tell THEM that. I certainly wouldn't let a car salesman sell me a car and deliver it without tires and if I mention it, tell me the issue is closed. And, I don't by junkware, install it, find a bug, report it and be told, case is closed - the way Norton did things. For them, it's all about money and how much they can get for putting out their junkware the cheapest, fastest way possible and to leave it up the client mass to help each other make it work.

If a small business person operated the way Norton does, they'd be shut down, in court, and paying big-time fines.

I should never had switched. I don't know which is more expensive. Paying for junkware and have it just sit there looking impressive, or running naked on the Internet withoiut any scamware and when infected, just reformat, reinstall OS, porograms, email backups and move along. I'm thinking the latter is cheaper.

Forum guru. The least you could do when you serepticiously delete posts, is send an email telling the author you have censored post. But then, you people don't even tell us you bill us, received payment, and are not updating the subscription.

AND, fire that dummy Nathan. That is an insult to our intelligence. WE know "Nathan" is a messy FAQ dbase with about 10 generic answers for everything. The FAQ does not even look like the pictuire of "Nathan", Nathan looks more like the box my mouse is plugged in to and, unlike "Nathan", doesn't need a shave, is not EMO'ed out, and can't cross it's arms. Your customers are real, treat us that way.

Anti-virus programs. More bottom feeders.

~~If it's OK for government and corporations to steal my privacy, why is it illegal for me to try to take it back?~~


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Re: Why is Norton deleting this post all the time?

Your posts are still there -- just click on your own name on the message you just posted and you will see links to your recent posts .... that takes you to:


so a lot of your message is ill founded I'm afraid.


Re: Why is Norton deleting this post all the time?

Hello iNiC

Your post hasn't been deleted. As other people post, it gets further down on the list and may even change pages or it might get moved to another section of the Forum, if you have posted it in the wrong part. When the mods do move a post, they leave a message as to where to find it.

Here is the link to your other post and my reply also. There is no virus in the Forum. If you put your user name into the search and pick user, you can find all of your posts. Thanks.


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Re: Why is Norton deleting this post all the time?

Wonder why users like you don't get banned. We all know what NATHAN is and we don't care if the guy from the picture shaves or not. How do you imagine that the largest security company in the world would have a virus that deletes your posts? Stop posting stupid comments and suggestions (especially on things you clearly do not understand) and the virus will stop deleting your posts.

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