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Why is Norton Family failing to monitor time usage recently?

We have Norton Family as part of our subscription to Norton 360.  We have Norton Family installed on our grandson's Galaxy S6 (we're his legal guardians) so that we can limit his phone usage for games and YouTube.  In the past few days, though, it's done a horrible job of monitoring or limiting that.

This morning our grandson used his phone for a little while before school, and then while we ran errands after school, but then was on his phone almost solidly from 6 PM to 9:30 PM.  He used his phone for well over 4 hours today but we have Norton Family set to block his phone usage after 2 hours.  The really surprising thing, though, was that when I logged into the Norton Family website it said that he'd only used his phone for 1 hour today, not the real 4+ hours!

We had similar problems with Norton Family earlier this year but then we upgraded all of our phones to the latest version and things got a lot better for awhile.  Time Supervision was fairly accurate.  But it hasn't been dependable for the past few days.




Re: Why is Norton Family failing to monitor time usage recently?

Hi GWGuen,

Thank you for sharing your observation. We will investigate it, and post an update to this thread when we have more information.

Norton Family team


Re: Why is Norton Family failing to monitor time usage recently?

The day after I posted my original post, I watched how much our grandson used his phone and then checked what Norton Family was saying about that usage.

We got home from school & other activities at about 5:30 PM that day and, at that time, Norton Family said that he had only used .3 hours that day.  That already wasn't accurate because he had already used more time than that in the car with me when we were doing other things but we'll let that part go.

I checked again at 6:50.  During that 80 minutes he had used his phone all but roughly 15 minutes of the time because I'd timed him.  And when I checked Norton Family to see how much time it said that he had used, it STILL said that he had used only .3 hours.  Norton Family missed over an hour of his phone usage.

Our grandson spent almost all of the rest of the evening on his phone (other than a quick dinner) and went to bed a little after 10 PM, over 3 hours of phone usage after my last Norton Family check at 6:50.  I checked Norton Family around 11:30 to see what it said that his usage was for the day and now it said that he had used .5 hours for the day.

That's ridiculous and pathetic.  I don't know what's going on but clearly Norton Family is almost totally failing to monitor him so what's the point in having it?

I can take his phone away from him manually when I feel like he's used it enough (which is what I've had to do since then) but if I'm going to have to do that then why do I need you?

An integrated Norton Family is one of the few reasons why we're still using Norton 360 after some of the poor decisions that Norton/Symantec have made recently.  Our current Norton 360 subscription ends in a little over a month.  If Norton Family isn't working before then then we'll be switching everything to a different product to see if it can do what it says it will do.

I might have to go to multiple products to get both good PC protection and Parental Controls but if that's what we have to do then we'll do that.  It's better than trying to use an undependable product like Norton Family has become.



Re: Why is Norton Family failing to monitor time usage recently?

Hi GWGuen,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We have looked into the device logs in our backend. We sent you a private message asking for more information. Please check and provide us the details.

Norton Family Team