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Why not Windows 10?

Why not have the Norton Core App for Windows 10.  I used my son's Android device to install Norton Core.  But he has left the country so I have no way to access settings or advance features. I was going to send the Norton Core back but decided to see if it could handle the level of traffic in my home.  So far it has but... Why not put the app into a Windows 10 operating system?  The development must not be very intense since it is already developed for the other two systems. With a Windows app, most of the non iOs system users can control the Norton Core for their laptops--much more visually easy than a small smart phone.  Moreover, some of us do not like being stuck in a duopoly of iOs and Android.  Norton, I expected a better product this one is not quite prime time, with out other operating systems.



Re: Why not Windows 10?

Thank you for your suggestion, @LSchmidt. We will take this into consideration. 


Gayathri R | Norton Forums Global Community Administrator | Norton Lifelock

Re: Why not Windows 10?

You said it Mr. Schmidt, some people just refused to be part of the iOS-Android duopoly. 

Until Norton decides to make a Windows 10 app, a temporary solution is to install an Android emulator. I installed AmiDuos and the Norton Core app works very well within it, you can completely access and manage the system this way. If you have a Kindle Fire, you can also side load the Norton Core apk to it, it doesn't work as well as the emulator but is an option.

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