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This forum thread needs a solution.

WHY, oh why, does renewal never go smoothly?

It's that time of year again (happens every year with something slightly different!!).

WHY, oh why, does renewal never go smoothly?  I have 2 machines registered.  I renew on one machine, and get over the usual bug of Norton not wanting to give me credit for unused days ... but now on the 'year' 365 day renewal day Norton does not recognise my second computer! 

You would have thought with all the alleged sophistication of Norton it wouldn't be hard to set a system to carry on the sub for all registered machines.  It doesn't help that when Norton ceases on the 'other' machine that Windows Defender steps in to assist and causes even more chaos.

I guess that I shall have to re-register Norton on the 'other' machine and go through the drudgery of setting it up ... yet again!



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Re: WHY, oh why, does renewal never go smoothly?

Hello Bob12

To get back your lost days, you can contact Customer Support.


On the 2nd computer, please add the new key where it says Renew on the bottom of the main page. Please wait until a day or 2 before the end of your subscription to enter the new key.


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Re: WHY, oh why, does renewal never go smoothly?

Thanks floplot.  I had sorted the usual 'lost days' issue out as soon as it arose with a 'chat'.  Cheeky boy, but 'toe'd the party line' when I told him he was speaking cxxp!  Been there before on that issue young man!!

As to getting NIS to work on my laptop that was more difficult! Whatever I did nothing worked, but it was still there somewhere as it kept telling me I was already downloading NIS (I had several files and install program icons lurking around!!!!).  I can't quite remember now precisely what it said as I wasn't really interested, but got the message!

In the end after using Windows Defender for a week or so, I finally had time to use the 'Remove and Install Tool' ,or whatever it's called (and is in two parts (they don't say that ... remove, and then install if you want to!), and that fixed the problem, and we are back to normal.

I must say that for all it's apparent sooth operation, renewal is still one of the most fraught things with NIS.  My home page still says my subscription has expired at the top in bold red (had something similar to that previously!!).  Maybe NIS should get some of those hundreds of names that scroll down to address the subject of renewal/user friendly account management.  However over the years it is improving, albeit slowly.

That's all I have to say on this subject until next year :)


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