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Why is Online Backup Skipping some folders

I have configured a backup set to backup a folder with many sub-folders by using the "include Folder" option from the list. I reviewed the first back-up and it was missing some but not all of the sub-sub-folders (2 levels down).  Why is this happening.  I was expecting the main folder and all its sub-folders and all their subfolders, etc. to be backed up. Using Windows 10, folders contain primarily MS Word and Excel and PDF files.  It seems like this should be straightforward.

Thanks for any help you can provide to help me figure out the issue.

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Re: Why is Online Backup Skipping some folders

you should only have to "include" the top folder, please make sure the "types" of things you are backing up includes "documents"

how are you determining what has been backed up, are you using the Norton Backup Drive?

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