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why is system monitoring my time?

Hi! I am the parent the acct is set-up under. For some reason it is applying the time limits under my account and the paw print indicates the Norton Safety Minder is enabled. How do I fix this? Also..I have the account set up with 3 kids, your system is putting info for everyone under only one of the accounts. When one child is logged on, it is putting the info under a different child. Any idea why??



Re: why is system monitoring my time?

Hi willcheryl,

First, please make sure you have the latest Norton Safety Minder installed on the PC.  You can check this by clicking on the Norton Safety Minder icon in the System Tray and selecting About Norton Safety MInder.

Your Windows account shouldn't associate with any online profile.  Each child' profile should associate with their Windows account accordingly.  Please check the screen snap and the link below to the Help file on the topic.





Thanks Katie

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