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Widows 10 won't restart after using Norton Disk Doctor

I ran Norton Disk Doctor from Norton Utilities under Windows 10.  After the request to to restart the computer a screen comes up after the bios screen with 'Norton Disk Doctor' - windows then tries to start, but fails with an error message: 'Stop Code: Critical Process Died'.  Windows 10 automatic repair starts to run, but fails to repair the system and returns with a screen offering various options.

When I try to do a system restore I get a screen where I can select the C:\ drive, but the tick box to select is greyed out - so I can't proceed any further.  I tried to select the option to go back to the older version of Windows on my desktop, but get a message that this does not exist. Booting from a Windows startup USB simply gives me the option to reinstall windows, which I am happy to do by there are some critical program file user files I want to back-up first.  Other data is safe as it is on different drive.

Norton Disk Doctor creates temporary files that it uses when it reboots the system - where are these stored so that I can delete them from the command prompt?