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Widows Boot - Norton Prepares to Uninstall each time

Each time windows 10 boots, I get the Norton Screen 'Preparing To Uninstall'

but it does not really uninstall....

Have tried a full uninstall and reinstall... Still does the same thing, so I will

assume there is a registry issue that needs fixing ?


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Re: Widows Boot - Norton Prepares to Uninstall each time

Check that you have disabled the Windows Fast Startup feature that can interfere with software updating.  If you use Windows 10, there can be an issue with the Windows Fast Startup feature.. See more information here.

If that does not resolve your issue, be sure you are using a Windows admin account while uninstalling or installing Norton. Try another uninstall using the Advanced - Remove Only feature of the Norton Removal and Reinstall tool from here    www.norton.com/nrt   Scroll down to the Remove Norton section. Restart your computer, then log into your Norton Account and download and install your Norton from there. Be sure you run LiveUpdate manually a few times, restarting as necessary, until no updates are available.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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