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Windows 10 Crashes at Norton Quick Scan after KB4480966 and KB4480979 Updates

I have had four BSODs today and have never had one on this system before (system is about 8 years old). Only changes are that Windows KB4480966 and KB4480979 Updates were installed last night and Norton Live Update completed last night as well. When I check the dump files, every one lists only Norton and the BSOD error is Bad_Pool_Caller.

At first this only happened when i left the computer unattended long enough for norton to perform automatic tasks while the computer was idle. As I began troubleshooting the issue, I asked Norton to perform a quick scan, and about 2 minutes in, BSOD.....So, dump files list Norton running at time of crash, and I was able to recreate the same crash by running quick scan......

In my Norton History, quick scans are performed almost daily, incl. two yesterday, but none today......

Is this a windows issue or norton issue?

System Info:

Clean install Windows 10 Home 64bit  on 500GB SSD (clean install performed May 2018 - Prior system on HDD was the upgrade from Win 8 to 8.1 to 10 - never BSOD)


Windows 10 and Norton updates all current and latest sets. Everything else runs fine until Norton quick scan is initiated.

All other software and drivers kept current and up to date. None of which have updated in the last few days.

At this point I will uninstall the two windows updates and try running a quick scan and see if it still crashes.

Don't know how to uninstall the Norton live updates.



Re: Windows 10 Crashes at Norton Quick Scan after KB4480966 and KB4480979 Updates


I removed the KB4480979 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player (don't have flash player installed as a program or extension).

Performed a quick scan and scan completed without issue.

Next, I will let system sit idle until Norton performs tasks automatically.


Re: Windows 10 Crashes at Norton Quick Scan after KB4480966 and KB4480979 Updates

Hello Mike. Could you tell us what the BCC codes are in the dump file? Some small guidance is in MS forums, and annotated here as well. Multiple things can be at fault so I'd like to look at the codes. Especially the faulting module. Also, KB4480966 is for version 1803 on Windows 10. Are you still on 1803? Do you have Windows update set to defer updates to 1809 and/or drivers from Windows updates? Thanks in advance.


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Re: Windows 10 Crashes at Norton Quick Scan after KB4480966 and KB4480979 Updates

Update 2: Automatic Background Tasks completed w/o BSOD. So far uninstalling KB4480966 seems to have resolved the issue.


Thanks for the reply.

Not sure which codes you are looking for. I cannot find any that are specifically labled as BCC or Bug Check Code. The closest are:


BUGCHECK_P2: ffffab8f

BUGCHECK_P3: ac970280

BUGCHECK_P4: ffffab8fac970298



PROCESS_NAME:  NortonSecurity.exe



ANALYSIS_SESSION_TIME:  01-10-2019 18:42:36.0415

ANALYSIS_VERSION: 10.0.17763.1 x86fre

LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER:  from fffff8003337d473 to fffff8003323b0a0

ffff9380`4c4a6ed8 fffff800`3337d473 : 00000000`000000c2 00000000`00000004 00000000`ffffab8f 00000000`ac970280 : nt!KeBugCheckEx
ffff9380`4c4a6ee0 fffff801`5d67f3d7 : ffffab8f`b20af6a0 ffffab8f`00000380 ffffab8f`000000aa ffffab8f`ac952370 : nt!ExFreePoolWithTag+0x1413
ffff9380`4c4a6fc0 ffffab8f`b20af6a0 : ffffab8f`00000380 ffffab8f`000000aa ffffab8f`ac952370 ffffab8f`aa0cd910 : dokan+0xf3d7
ffff9380`4c4a6fc8 ffffab8f`00000380 : ffffab8f`000000aa ffffab8f`ac952370 ffffab8f`aa0cd910 ffffab8f`00000001 : 0xffffab8f`b20af6a0
ffff9380`4c4a6fd0 ffffab8f`000000aa : ffffab8f`ac952370 ffffab8f`aa0cd910 ffffab8f`00000001 ffffab8f`b20af6a0 : 0xffffab8f`00000380
ffff9380`4c4a6fd8 ffffab8f`ac952370 : ffffab8f`aa0cd910 ffffab8f`00000001 ffffab8f`b20af6a0 fffff801`5d674d1c : 0xffffab8f`000000aa
ffff9380`4c4a6fe0 ffffab8f`aa0cd910 : ffffab8f`00000001 ffffab8f`b20af6a0 fffff801`5d674d1c ffffab8f`ad9a2e58 : 0xffffab8f`ac952370
ffff9380`4c4a6fe8 ffffab8f`00000001 : ffffab8f`b20af6a0 fffff801`5d674d1c ffffab8f`ad9a2e58 ffffab8f`a5ca0800 : 0xffffab8f`aa0cd910
ffff9380`4c4a6ff0 ffffab8f`b20af6a0 : fffff801`5d674d1c ffffab8f`ad9a2e58 ffffab8f`a5ca0800 ffffab8f`ad9a2e58 : 0xffffab8f`00000001
ffff9380`4c4a6ff8 fffff801`5d674d1c : ffffab8f`ad9a2e58 ffffab8f`a5ca0800 ffffab8f`ad9a2e58 ffffab8f`ad9a2e40 : 0xffffab8f`b20af6a0
ffff9380`4c4a7000 ffffab8f`ad9a2e58 : ffffab8f`a5ca0800 ffffab8f`ad9a2e58 ffffab8f`ad9a2e40 00000000`00000000 : dokan+0x4d1c
ffff9380`4c4a7008 ffffab8f`a5ca0800 : ffffab8f`ad9a2e58 ffffab8f`ad9a2e40 00000000`00000000 ffffab8f`ac970298 : 0xffffab8f`ad9a2e58
ffff9380`4c4a7010 ffffab8f`ad9a2e58 : ffffab8f`ad9a2e40 00000000`00000000 ffffab8f`ac970298 ffffab8f`000000aa : 0xffffab8f`a5ca0800
ffff9380`4c4a7018 ffffab8f`ad9a2e40 : 00000000`00000000 ffffab8f`ac970298 ffffab8f`000000aa ffffab8f`ae2881d0 : 0xffffab8f`ad9a2e58
ffff9380`4c4a7020 00000000`00000000 : ffffab8f`ac970298 ffffab8f`000000aa ffffab8f`ae2881d0 ffffab8f`00000380 : 0xffffab8f`ad9a2e40

As for Win 10 1803 vs 1809:

My update settings are default. My system had not gotten the 1809 before MS pulled the update in October, and until your comment was not aware that they had re-released it for advanced users in mid December. Should I get it, or wait? I do not have Win Update set to defer anything.


Accepted Solution

Re: Windows 10 Crashes at Norton Quick Scan after KB4480966 and KB4480979 Updates

Final Update/Correction:

I didn't remove KB4480966, only KB4480979 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player. After removing KB4480979, Norton was able to perform all background tasks without causing a BSOD, even after letting the system sit idle for several hours.

Just figured that someone else may have this issue and want to have a solution searchable for them as well.


Re: Windows 10 Crashes at Norton Quick Scan after KB4480966 and KB4480979 Updates

Hi @RMike Early,  Thanks for reporting in Norton Community Forums. Can you please let us know the Norton Security installed version number? 

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Re: Windows 10 Crashes at Norton Quick Scan after KB4480966 and KB4480979 Updates

Version #

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