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Windows 10 Norton notifications unacceptable

I'm a Windows 10 user receiving product offer notifications from Norton. It is completely unacceptable that a product advertises to me via my operating system.  I click on the 'do not show me this again', but of course a week or so later it's back. 

I have flipped a switch in the Norton control center that is supposed to turn off advertising notifications.  I have had to spend almost an hour with support to find that buried little gem.

I especially trust my virus protection company.  This is a violation of that trust and, ironically, amounts to a new and unique type of spam.




Re: Windows 10 Norton notifications unacceptable

It's indeed in the management settings of each Norton product and has been there for ages. It's not a specific Windows 10 setting and did also come up with other Windows versions.
I get your point, but I always go thorougly through the settings when installing a new product, as you probably also did with Windows 10. That's always wise and a good habit.

It's weird that support doesn't even know about this; that's the most serious shortcoming!

As you switch t off, i wouldn't be so annoyed about it.

W10 1809 and 1903 / W10 Insider / IE11 and FF 67, TB 60.7, NS 22.17, (Android 7 with NMS)

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