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Windows 10, pop-up message Norton Security is off

With Windows 10, when I restart my laptop (I think shut down, also), I get two pop-ups that Norton Internet Security and Virus protection are off.   I get another pop-up that lets me choose to turn Norton on or turn on Windows Defender.  I see the green Norton check in the task bar.   

My guess is Norton is fine and on, and that this is similar to prior to Windows 10 when I got that windows flag alert in the task bar doing the same thing.  Norton then said all is OK as long as you see the green check and I just turned off Windows messages for security.

Am I right, all is OK as long as I see the green check?  Do you know how to turn off these new message alerts?

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Re: Windows 10, pop-up message Norton Security is off

hi MyName13

I don't know the reason for this but for a day or two after installing Windows 10 this happened on one of my devices, it then stopped and no longer happens.

I thought it may be Windows going through a learning period or it may have stopped following the installing of the recent Windows 10 update. I am not certain if these two events coincided.


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