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Windows 10 reboots when idle and silent mode off

About a month ago my Window 10 PC started to reboot (BSOD) when it had been at idle for a period of time. For example, I would leave the computer on overnight and in the morning it would be on the sign in screen. Sometimes it would happen during the day. I read of the similar problem on the forum and I tried the same solution of turning on silent mode. This has provided a temporary fix but I don't want to have to set this every 24 hours. Has anyone else had this problem recently. It appears it was fixed by a Norton update to a driver back in May 2016, however my Norton is fully up to date (as is Windows 10) and there are no pending Live Updates. I have tried going back to restore points and verified Windows System Files are not corrupted. It appears turning Norton to silent mode is the only fix. Or perhaps removing it.  



Re: Windows 10 reboots when idle and silent mode off

Hi there,

1. Windows 10 log-in screen

If you're using a PC, you may consider removing password prompt. Read this post for detailed directions. And temporarily disable fast startup and see if there is any improvement/changes.

2. Norton Silent Mode vs. BSOD

Maybe, you're not alone... plz wait for the official FIX.

And, you may read this post for additional info:

The silent mode of Norton Anti-Virus temporarily stops background processes and suppresses notifications or security alerts. ... This prevents the pop-up notifications interrupting your movie or game and frees up processing power for these tasks.

 And, if you do not like receiving some pop-ups like threat removal alerts, you may customize your Norton by disabling the below options in your Norton client:

  • Norton Task Notification
  • (customize) Performance Monitoring and,
  • Special Offer Notification

To do that, get the admin access and head to Administrative Settings under Settings.


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Re: Windows 10 reboots when idle and silent mode off

I have never experienced this at all nor have any of my hundreds of customers. You say your Norton is up to date but which version is it? is the most current. When it comes to diagnosing a BSOD there can be hundreds of things causing it. Including faulty hardware. You can download Blue Screen Viewer for free which will give you a better understanding of what can be causing the issue. 



Re: Windows 10 reboots when idle and silent mode off

I am using the current version FYI - this was a known problem back in April according to the forum postings and was resolved with a fix from Norton. I still have not had the problem since turning on silent mode. I will investigate your suggestion of using the blue screen viewer. 

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