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Windows 10 Version 1809 Hates Norton Security

I recently had Windows 10 update itself, and it no longer allows Norton Security or any other Antivirus except Windows Defender.

It says it has another update, and, when I shut down or restart, Norton Security has been deleted, but it leaves a stub so Norton Installer thinks Norton is installed, but it isn't.

To get Norton back, I have to run Remove and Reinstall, and then I have Norton Security until I shut down or restart. After restart, Norton is gone (except for the stub to tell Norton Install NOT to install).

Does anyone know how to get Norton Security to remain on Windows 10? Is there any way to tell Windows 10 to use Norton Security as my Anti-Virus?



Re: Windows 10 Version 1809 Hates Norton Security

Hello Michael. I have used Norton on all the RTM builds since Windows was first released. The one thing that will prevent Windows from properly installing software is having "fast startup" enabled in power settings. Disable that setting and reboot following this guide. Also ensure you are logging into your system with an account having admin privileges.

Use the R&R tool from Norton here to perform a "remove only" for your product and reboot. When done download your Norton product from your Norton account. Install and manually run live updates until none are available. Reboot. Once booted run live updates a second time, get all the updates available. Reboot a second time. Once rebooted check the status of your Norton install. Please let us know how you make out.


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