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Windows 10 virus scan of compressed files has changed

It appears something has drastically changed in the anti virus scan, and in particular, in the scanning of compressed files. I have not added compressed files in a long time and used to be able to complete a system scan overnight.  Now it goes for days and never gets to the end. To drill down, I scanned only Eudora email folder where there are many compressed files. It went over 24 hours without completing and at the end, I see one file name with the item counts going up very slowly.  I know there are 30k items, but after 24 hours, when I gave up, there were over 500k items counted.  Yesterday I tried chatting with Norton support while I was running a full scan. We had a language barrier, but it appeared she was saying the compressed files were handled at the end of the scan. She suggested I turn off scan compressed files so I did. I'm assuming if I have a virus in one, it will show up if / when I access it. Does this make sense. And is anyone at Norton willing to talk about what changed such that exactly the same compressed files now take literally days longer to scan? Thanks in advance. I am Windows 10 with Internet Security.



Re: Windows 10 virus scan of compressed files has changed

This is duplicate thread answered here.  https://community.norton.com/en/comment/7887951#comment-7887951

What probably changed was a more thorough scan of the compressed files. Some compressed files used to completely stall a Norton Scan. Maybe fixing that changed the way your files are being scanned.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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