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Windows 7 clean install, transfer norton?

I am in the process of doing a clean install of windows 7 on my vista laptop containing my norton subscription.

It is a complete clean install on a new drive not an upgrade.

Will my current subscription simply reinstall on my new operating system as it did before with the same remaining time?

I have a 1 user 3 pc subscription but the other 2 are used on other laptops.

Basically will the subscription realise it is the same pc and continue as normal?



Re: Windows 7 clean install, transfer norton?

Usually it will recognize that it's a re-install on the same system and reactivate with no problems, especially if the "computer name" is the same.

If not, go here


Under "services" you can disable the license on the old install and then re-activate.



Re: Windows 7 clean install, transfer norton?

Thank you dave, it reinstalled ok but gave me the new update along with its problems.

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