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This forum thread needs a solution.

Windows 7: Devices not being monitored, need to figure out why


In the past, when a Windows device was not being monitored, I would get an Email which read:

Subject: Norton Family Notification : Device <device name> not monitored

Device Not Monitored    
Hi <username>   
Norton Family is not monitoring your child’s activities on device <device name>. To set up monitoring, click here.

After the latest release, I am no longer getting that message, even though I know some devices are not being monitored. And I liked that the device name was right there in the subject line, so I could quickly see where the problem was.

What I get now, after the release, which is not the same thing and doesn't convey the same sense of urgency, is this:

Norton Family Notification : Device has not reported any activity

which could also mean the device simply has not been turned on. So it's not the same thing.

So I have 2 issues:

1) I would like to know what happened to the "device not monitored" email message, and I would like it restored.

2) I would like some assistance in figuring out what is causing the device not to be monitored. Are there any logs that would tell me what's going on? I am concerned that Norton Family is being tampered with.

Please private me for account names, device names, etc.